This shop is known for non-delivery of items and has a case against it!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Today the Etsy HandmadeMovement Team: Home of the SNEAK ATTACK crossed the 6,000 mark in sales for SNEAK ATTACKED shops! 

SNEAK ATTACKS on new Etsy shops or Etsy shops with less than 6 sales have been going on since September 24, 2008. Michael Phipps, of phippsart.etsy.com originated the Sneak Attack idea after he received his first sale in his Etsy shop. He was so excited, that he wanted to share the feeling of that first sale with others, and so the idea for Sneak Attacks was born. We have been SNEAKING up on shops since then! To date there have been 355 SNEAK ATTACKS on 907 shops resulting in a total of 6013 Sales for those shops!

Like all Etsy Teams, there have been ups and downs along the way and although Michael no longer has the time, due to his regular work schedule, the team has stuck together and has a great group of people who are not only willing to help the "victim" shops but each other. This group is also willing to try new ways to get more recognition for their cause of getting as many sales for new or struggling shops as possible. Their main goal is to promote these "victim" shops rather than themselves and by paying it forward in this way, get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others.
You can get that same kind of satisfaction by supporting their efforts by spreading the word about their work, and if possible stopping by to make a purchase during a SNEAK ATTACK.  It's not necessary to join the team to make a purchase, a convo to the sponsor telling them of your purchase would be great.

I am proud to be the Captain of this Team of wonderful, selfless people!


Sneakers Notorious on Etsy for Attacking with Kindness!
By encouraging new and undiscovered Etsy artisans!

What is a Sneak Attack?
It's a way to support independent artisans who are trying to sell their wares online. Two days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop!
Even if you can't make a purchase, you can still help by marking their shops or items as favorites, adding them to your circle and spreading the word. If you see something a friend or family member might like, ask them to view the shop. We welcome anyone to come in and join us with the chatter and fun!
If you'd like to receive a reminder email, there's a sign up space on our blog http://handmademovement.com