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Friday, January 27, 2012


From the Handmademovement Team
(Sneak Attacks)

... we're asking you to help someone... but this time it's not a new Etsy shop owner. Please consider making two quick clicks to help a little member of our extended Sneaker family win a new wheelchair. Click here and then "like" the photo of Jorden, who is actually related to our dear friend LaRue. Here's a picture of Jorden decked out in Fourth of July finery, and some details she gave us are below.

"This is Jorden, my cousin's son. I have asked for prayers for him previously, as he has many health issues. Convaid is giving away a new wheelchair to the child with the most 'likes' [in their Facebook contest]. Jorden is outgrowing his current chair, and the new chair would allow him access to areas that he can not get to conveniently now. Please click on the 'like' button associated with Jorden's photo. A comment would also be helpful."

If for some reason the link above is not working for you, you can also access it through the Handmade Movement's Facebook page - it's our most recent status update. Thank you very kindly; it means a lot to us that our "Etsy Family" is so willing to help people - in so many ways.